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Revered by the Aztec and Maya for its mystical properties.

The famed blue agave succulent is a goddess of a plant, which does not give up her secrets easily. Our founders spent months in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, searching for the right farm and distillery with the richest volcanic soil, testing different mixtures and methods, and persevering until they had perfected our recipe. They returned to California with calluses on their hands, sunburned skin, and a sparkle in their eyes.

Why? Because they had just created the world’s finest tequila.

Their singular goal: to reintroduce the world to tequila, and Karma blows away the competition with its delicious smoothness and complex flavors; each bottle is a story, a friendship, and an adventure. We chose the name “Karma” for its cause and effect relationship between our choices and their consequences. Karma Tequila is about cultivating good karma: it is a commitment to live with energy, happiness, and kindness–and not take ourselves too seriously.

The perfect companion to your passions, Karma Tequila complements and balances a healthy, active, and lighthearted lifestyle; it thrives in places and with people that other tequilas have never explored. The core of Karma is simple: make good choices, and you’ll get great outcomes, and when we set out to make the world’s finest tequila–a tequila that surpasses all others both in its flavor and its social mission–we saw the undeniable result of our positive intention and action.

Karma is a reborn, and enlightened, tequila. It is: Karma. Tequila reincarnated.

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