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our tequila is truly a cut above

When cultivated and distilled expertly, tequila can be as nuanced and elegant as the finest French wines and the most sought-after scotches. We grow our blue agave fields to full maturity in the prized volcanic highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, carefully harvest and cut each plant to remove bitterness, and make each batch with our signature blend of double and triple distillations which preserves complexity while achieving maximum smoothness.

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Karma Tequila Silver Bottle

Karma Tequila Silver

Tequila for the soul.

Bottled immediately after distillation, our Silver Tequila preserves the truest bouquet and agave flavors. Crisp, sweet, and elegant, Karma Tequila Silver can be enjoyed alone, or in a signature tequila cocktail.

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Karma Tequila Reposado Bottle

Karma Tequila Reposado

Tequila well-rested.

Aged a full 364 days in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels, Karma Tequila Reposado boasts a delicate aroma with a touch of hazelnut. The aging process lends to the impeccable complexity of its flavors that is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

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Karma Tequila Añejo Product

Karma Tequila Añejo

Tequila > Whiskey

We age Karma Tequila Añejo inside American Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels for nearly three years, suffusing the tequila with an alluring, soothing oaky aroma. Pamper your palate with our exquisite Añejo sipped neat or over ice.

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Karma Tequila Reposado Bottle

Karma Agave Nectar

Our Agave Nectar is a 100% natural, organic source of sweetness that contains none of the additives and unhealthiness of processed sugar.

We’ve taken our Agave Nectar to the next level, creating delicious infusions guaranteed to delight your tastebuds and make any cocktail pop.

Check out our Karma Cocktails page for recipes using our delicious nectar.